Monday Motivation!!

“The most successful people in life are the ones who ask the questions. They’re always learning. They’re always growing. They’re always pushing.” Robert Kiyosaki rebootwebsites #webdesign #developer #webdevelopment #ecommerce #ecommercesite #wordpress #business #businesswebsite #websitepackages #goodwebdesign #bestwebsites #miguelcarneiro #SEO #onlinemarketing #socialmediamarketing #branding #marketing #mondaymotivation

How Much is Too Much?

Is your attention split between too many devices? Although we often need more than one device to help us achieve our work goals, be careful of using so many that you are distracted. Less is (almost always) more, so try to streamline what you work on, to get the most possible work out. #rebootwebsites #websites […]

Dust Off That Website!

Like your favorite hat, keep coming back to your website… Dust it off, dress it up and show it off! Websites need to be tended to and kept active, so use every opportunity to add to it, post to it, and share it far and wide. Be proud to show off your amazing website and […]

Stand Out From The Crowd!

If you want your audience to see your content and remember it, be sure to create material that is memorable. Use current trends along with a surprising perspective. Bright colours along with meaningful captions. Light hearted along with serious. Remember that people who become brand ambassadors are those who feel good in returning to your […]


It’s SUMMER here in the Southern Hemisphere! That means strappy tops, sun dresses, shorts, bare feet, swimming and generally feeling good about life. Harness that energy to feed into your online presence! Use your happy, vitamin D feelings to create positive and happy posts, articles and content for your audience to enjoy. Science has shown […]

Take The Leap

You don’t have to be whole to shine. So often, we come across people who have written half a book, started setting up a business and never finished or started studying the course of their dreams and given up. Why is this? Why do so many of us desert passion projects before they are finished? […]


This may sound cheesy, but we really do love to help. Do you have questions about web design or development? Content creation? Social media posts? If you want some advice and a friendly voice to chat to, give us a shout! We are happy to help and would love to see your dreams come true. […]

One at a Time… Nearly There!

With one week left of Winter here in the Southern hemisphere, you may be feeling a little heavy. Let’s not beat around the bush… this winter has been cold and stressful as the entire world grapples with the madness that is our “new normal” for now. But as heavy as you may be feeling, Spring […]

Enter the Dragon!

Give them a taste of something exotic! Every now and then it’s important to surprise your audience with something new and unexpected. In your web design and social media content, throw in a little “dragon fruit” from time to time and marvel at the innate curiosity of your audience. Just as a dragon fruit is […]

Quick! Before it’s Gone!

Quick! Before it’s gone! We know that readers spend about 20 seconds on a page before their minds jump to the next best thing, right? So use that to your advantage! Create content on your site and social media platforms that jumps out at them and grabs their attention! Get them to take a chunk […]