WordPress Web design – 5 Proven ways to find a great Developer in Johannesburg

The web developer field is flooded with terrible service, developers that disappear once they have your money and horrid websites.

The usual horror story..

Before we start discussing how to find WordPress developers in Johannesburg – we want to tell you a quick short story.

It’s not a nice one but it is what usually happens when people want to have a website for their company.
We really hope you don’t go through anything like this.

Since we hear a lot of horror stories from people we decided to do an experiment ourselves to see how bad the market really is.

We first tried hiring developers on Fiverr.
We set our project and budget for the website. Not a cheap one mind you, we wanted to have a 5 page website with contact forms and the like, a very standard request…

The first person we chose made a complete hash of things.
Untested pages, broken and missing functionality.
We dumped them and tried again.
Same story, only this time, they were not responsive and they wanted payment outside of Fiverr (NEVER accept that).
Then the work never materialized.

Recovering our money was a huge hassle.
We had to perform Credit Card chargebacks, and give proof that the work was never done.
The time we lost messing around with these people was huge.

We decided to try a Facebook group called “I know a guy”.
Surely we could get someone there…. right?

What a disaster!
It was the same freaking story.
We went through dozens and dozens of failed attempts of hiring WordPress developers.
All saying they could help, all too expensive and running away from the job.

This is what so many people go through.
We feel sorry for people who don’t know about Reboot Websites.

1. The Developers Site

This one is pretty easy but sometimes overlooked.
Head over to the developers website and take a look how it is designed.

The key to seeing if this developer is right for you is to see how much flair and beauty the website has.
The developer’s site should be fair more animated and colourful than what would be found and a normal business site.

Remember that usually they will be making a website with less impact and flair than their own, so if their site looks standard and uninspiring then yours will definitely look worse.

2. Existing Portfolio?

This is a bit of a controversial topic.

While it’s great to see a developers existing work a lot of developers (including us) are opting not to display their handiwork.

Why not to have an online portfolio

Like we said before, the web developer field is full of horrid developers.
Having an online portfolio gives them access to existing client.
These developers then con the client into believing that their work is better and proceed to steal money from that client and leave them with something that was worse off than what they started with.

We do want the best for our clients and would gladly recommend WordPress website developers on the Johannesburg area is they wanted to try someone new.

So if you find a WordPress developer in Johannesburg that doesn’t have a portfolio on his site than ask him to give references of existing customers

3. References 

Speaking of references, a great way to know the WordPress developer you found is right for you is to speak to existing clients.

If the clients give anything less than an over the top recommendation then perhaps look around Johannesburg for another WordPress developer.

4. Service after the sale

After service is just as important as the site itself.
A great Johannesburg WordPress developer will treat every website he creates as his own baby.
The developer would always check in with the client and see how the site is performing.
Perhaps give advice or free tutorials on aspects of the site that the client doesn’t understand.

So when speaking to his existing clients, find out what the after service was like.

5. Money – before or after the project?

So many WordPress website developers in Johannesburg want a huge deposit before starting the work.
The prospective client has to go on faith that this person is not going to take their hard earned money and run.
The client also has no idea what quality they are going to receive either.

Don’t like some aspects at all?
Tough luck there, a lot of developers will charge extra to change the work done.

Personally, Reboot Websites , hates this approach.
We believe in the old way of doing honest business.
You buy an existing product.

Why must you pay for something that doesn’t even exist yet?

Do you go to a vehicle manufacturer and tell them to sell you a car, you are not sure on colour or how many doors or how it even looks like, but here is money so go make something..
No of course not, you would look to see if the style suited you and the car was reliable before even hinting at buying it.
So why does that not apply to a website?
What makes it so special that you have to go on blind faith of the end result?

Reboot Websites knows that true WordPress website developers will only think about money after the creation of the product because their skills are decent enough that the client would gladly pay.

So see whether the WordPress developer is more interested in money or making the client happy first.

There you have it

Seeing as you have been reading this, you are in good fortune.
You don’t need to search for a WordPress website developer in Johannesburg as you already have found a company that ticks all the right boxes when searching for one.

Our designs are ahead of the curve, error free, and we dedicate ourselves to your business in ways no one in the web design field will do.
Our prices are untouched and our service and support are of the highest grade possible.

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