Why you need to think about your website design BEFORE the new year

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We  get it…. You’re tired.  It’s been a long, hard year and the last thing on your mind is your website design.  But we are going to give you 5 reasons to jump right into it and get the website you’ve been dreaming of… NOW. 

1. You need to be on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list!

Putting off for tomorrow what can be done today is a sure way to get your name on the naughty list.  Instead of being rewarded with a lump of coal, why not get your ideas out there and be rewarded with a stunning, custom-made website design instead!

2. Beat your competitors!

Yup, you’re tired, but so are THEY!  Now is your chance to go full steam ahead and get your website up and running while they rest.  You will thank yourself in the new year when your business, and Reboot Websites’ elves, have been working for you over the festive season.

3. Christmas Specials!

Going ahead with your new website or new business idea, and creating a website now, means you can offer Christmas specials… Like your own little Christmas miracle. (And who doesn’t love those??)

4. You owe it to yourself!

A Christmas gift from you, to you.  That’s right.  A website for your business, blog, or whatever has been burning with passion in your heart and mind, is most definitely a gift that will keep on giving!  We will work on your website design with you, to make sure that you are 100% happy with your special gift to yourself… and your customers!

5. You don’t have to do any work!

This is the best one of all!  You don’t have to do any of the work on this one!  Send us your info, and we will make your website design specifically for you, to your exact requirements, and throw in flair, creativity and SEO optimization with the package!  We will also be available to you, day and night, for your questions and advice.  Now that’s an exciting year-end project to take on… Pretty much hands-free!

We are also pretty much cost-free!! From R399 per month, our website packages pack a punch almost as good as your year-end office party’s.  You get a custom made site, no lump sum to pay in the beginning, and a dedicated website designer on hand 24/7!

You know you want this.   You know you need this.  And you know you need to get this done before the slump of January, when all you will be able to think about will be the sea air and how long your tan (and last few Rands) might last!!

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