Why do I need a Professional Web Designer?

I can do whatever a professional Web Designer can!

Wix & SquareSpace are free and easy!

The reality is people don’t understand the different aspects of web design.
There are a lot of “Developers” that don’t know either, the web design field is filled with amateurs.

So let’s go through a few aspects that professionals go through when doing web design..


Professional web designers test their layouts on pretty much all devices they can get a hold of.
A good looking site on a laptop doesn’t have the same look and feel on a cellphone in a lot of cases.
So checking each content block and testing it is vital.
Templates can’t catch and fix everything by themselves so having someone who knows what they are doing is needed.
The last thing you want is for a customer to visit a broken and odd looking web design.


The Free editors like Wix or SquareSpace use templates.
This means that you and hundreds , if not thousands, of other people are using the same web design.
There is no feel for your company or pride of your work as you are using a generic web design.
Google, too, is not fond of these types of designs. Google will actually rank you lower than original sites for using templates.


If you have unique requests or needs for your new web design then you will need a professional to create this, or at least know where to get the best option for you.
Template designs don’t cater to individual requests so you will be forced to not have something that could be vital to your website.

Long term Performance

Template designs have poor to sub standard SEO design layouts.
So Google will eventually just not rank your site at all.
A good web design will have the base SEO setup and have good channels in place to build rankings.


A website on it’s own on the internet will not really do anything, nor will it funnel potential customers.
People are under the assumption that websites work for you by themselves.
The truth is that websites need work too.
You need a person dedicated to keeping the site updated and publishing new content in order for it to work for you.
If you don’t have the time yourself or have someone in the company to do this then a service package is the only way forward.

So What now?

The best way forward is to let a professional help you.
They live and breathe web design so they always have their ear to the ground in latest trends or when Google decides to change how they find websites.
A professional won’t design a site and let it just gather dust.
Why not speak to a professional at Reboot Websites and see the difference you will get when trusting designers like ourselves.
Our website packages are all based on long term relationships only.
We don’t want deposits and we don’t hold you at gun point to crazy contracts.

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