Why Connect?

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Why?  Why should I spend hours updating an already-made website?  Why should I constantly search for social media content when I already have loyal customers and it’s pretty clear what my business offers?  Well, because things change. 

According to hostingtribunal.com,  there are currently 1.35 million tech start-ups.  There are 4.383 million internet users and by this year, 2020, 50 billion smart devices will be collecting, sharing and analyzing data.  Every 18 months or so, computer processing speeds double.  (This is called Moore’s Law) 

Forget about tech for a moment though.  Think about your childhood compared to the current generation growing up.  For us, it was all about Tamagotchies, walkmans, VHS, playing outside until the streetlights came on, recording our favourite songs straight off the radio and having to listen to them a thousand times to write down the lyrics.   (I wonder how many poor artists have been misquoted for years!! Haha)  These days it’s all about amazing hairstyles, phones with the latest apps, screens and social media.  My point….. things change!

So in a world that is changing quickly and often in ways we don’t immediately understand, it is extremely important to stay current, stay vibrant and stay connected.

Having an online presence may seem like a trivial way to spend hours of your precious work week, and you probably won’t see immediate results.  But slow and steady wins the race, and over time, your online presence will rack up points in the reliability department.  Customers who visit your website or social media pages will see a wealth of news and information that is there just for them.  It places you in a position of authority in your niche.

Being connected also allows you to be front of mind.  This means that you become a household name to the people who matter the most:  Your customers and potential customers.  As you update your website and social media accounts regularly, you are putting yourself and your business out there for people to connect with.  You are sharing your vision, your dreams, your mission, your corporate culture and, of course, your goods or services! 

If you are not sure of how to stay connected, draw up a simple plan for yourself and let the creativity flow, to guide you on what to post, where.  Use all the avenues you have to create an online and offline community and keep at it.  It doesn’t matter if you get feedback right away.  The point is to keep posting, and stay connected.

Here are a few tips to being connected:

  1. Have a catchy website
  2. Update your website with any changes to your products or services
  3. Post blog posts to your website
  4. Open up social media accounts:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, etc.
  5. Create a monthly plan of what you want to post each week.  Which days suit you to post?  What do you want to say?
  6. Keep going!  Don’t give up.

Perhaps the most important part of being connected is STAYING connected.  Being at the top of people’s minds means keeping your name and what you offer fresh for them.    When the time comes for them to need your services or products, you will be the first one they think of.  Don’t let your voice be drowned out by the hundreds of others shouting for attention. 

Be unique.  Be you.  Be consistent.

And you will reap the rewards now and in the future.

If you would like a partner along for the ride, contact Reboot Websites today, and we will gladly partner with you as you get connected and stay connected.  With our team of diverse and talented web designers, developers and writers, your business will be in good hands.

It’s time to connect!

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