Web Design Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing… Web Design Wednesday!

We’ve had a look at the colour trends for digital platforms in 2021, now let’s have a look at THREE trends that are emerging in the web design field.

  1. 3D images. The closest thing to a video (which, as we know, it taking over the world) is 3D images. With the advent of easy 3D editing on Facebook, individuals and marketers are making us of 3D to make images really pop.
  2. Parallax animation. This is something we are really big on, at Reboot. We just love the effect of having elements of the final image come into place in their own time, and seeing the end product bring just as much excitement as the movement of elements to get there. We’ll keep doing this one!
  3. Neumorphism. This is when you include real items into your flat design. Often, using old-looking items for effect. Clair Taylor, Senior product designer at 99designs says: “We’ll see Neumorphism-the new Skeumorphism-turning flat icons into realistic, 3D objects.” Ah, there’s that 3D trend again.

Whatever your tastes are, and whether or not you love these trends, we are here to make your site unique, professional and the perfect fit for your business.

Give us a shout by emailing info@rebootwebsites.co.za, or drop us a DM here.


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