Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday!

Vodacom has done it. They have launched a mini tracking device and managed to put a positive spin on it.

The new Vodacom Curve is a little device that can be attached to belongings, placed in bags or even attached to a pet, and is advertised to help us keep track of our beloved items.

The idea that you can find your lost keys, or your child’s sport kit, by opening an app, is quite appealing, but I wonder how long it will take before couples are tracking each other and teenagers are dunking their devices in the pool before heading to some forbidden place. Luckily, Vodacom claims that the tracker is somewhat water and dust proof, so maybe this is just what we have been waiting for.

What is exciting, is that the launch of this tracker signals the beginning of a new range of products Vodacom has been working on. The new line is called “Designed & Connected by Vodacom” and aims to create a more integrated, smart way to stay in touch.

You can bet we will have our eye on the developments here, especially since Apple is in the process of a designing a piece of tech that is quite similar!

Do you have a Vodacom Curve yet? Let us know what you think!

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