Take The Leap

You don’t have to be whole to shine.

So often, we come across people who have written half a book, started setting up a business and never finished or started studying the course of their dreams and given up.

Why is this?

Why do so many of us desert passion projects before they are finished?

Sometimes it’s because we feel we, or the project we have started, needs to be perfect before we can expose it to the world.

Although there is something to be said for perfectionists and making a product as good as it can be before releasing it, there is also something beautiful, magical almost, in the work-in-progress.

Sometimes launching something even though you know it needs a few tweaks can be the best teacher. It can show us exactly how and where to improve, but it can also show us that things don’t have to be perfect in order to shine.

Take that leap of faith, have courage and share your light with the world. You may just be surprised at how much encouragement you receive as you strive to perfect it on the go.

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