How to Write Excellent Website Content

The overall design of a website will influence a visitor’s split-second decision whether to stay or leave a particular URL. Design includes items such as the layout, font style and color, as well as the choice of graphics and pictures. However, once the visitor is drawn in by the design, the quality of a site’s written text […]

Why Choose Us As Your Johannesburg SEO Content Company

SEO has seen some dramatic changes over the last few years and being competitive online to rank higher than your competition has become far more difficult. Reboot Websites, which is based in Johannesburg, make it our job to stay ahead of these changes so we can keep your marketing campaigns ahead of the competition. If […]

How Social Media & SEO Work Together

When it comes to raising organic search rankings of your website, it is a widely known fact that content is king. Google seeks original local content when satisfying search queries.Plastering your page with keywords is wasting your time and effort.But if content is king, how exactly do you get noticed and found? The landscape of […]