Our Christmas gift to you: 3 Magic Principles for designing a website

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Your website is your storefront… The shop window that makes people look, and come inside.  It’s important to make it flashy, neat and enticing, to draw the right people to your business.  We know that Christmas is coming, and the season is filled with love and magic, so today, we have decided to get in the spirit, and give you an early Christmas gift!  Just like in a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, where the shop windows glisten with Christmas magic, romance blossoms as the employees decorate it, and crowds of happy shoppers flock to see it…. my gift to you this festive season is your very own magic…. 3 magic Principles to design the perfect website!  (romance not included.)

Now let’s unwrap this gift!  Your 3 magic design Principles are:

  1. The Home Page De-Clutter:

The Nielsen Norman Group released a stat in 2011.  It explained  that people looking at things online typically stay for 10- 20 seconds before they move on the next shiny thing.  10-20 SECONDS!! That’s all you have!  In those few seconds you need to grab their attention, and make them want to see more!

By keeping your home page clean and clear, you will allow the distracted visitor to see exactly what is on offer and make their decisions about leaving or seeing more.

Keep your design minimalistic and concise and you won’t look back.


  1. The Hansel and Gretel Approach:

What would the festive season be, without some fairytales?  This time, Hansel and Gretel can teach us a thing or two, not only about the danger of eating too many sweets, but also about web design!

In this approach, we use a hierarchy of information to leave breadcrumbs for the site visitor to follow.  That means that we put the most important information at the top, the second most important information underneath it, and so on to the bottom of the page. The page will read like a story of it’s own and viewers  are more likely to find their happy ending, as they click “BUY” or “CONTACT”!  (Sounds like a great ending to me!)


  1. Keep it Simple:

Your website needs content, and you need to keep it up-to-date.  But having posts that are too difficult to read or understand could actually lose you customers.  Think of it like a Christmas stocking.  Too many brightly coloured toys stuffed into one stocking result in most, or all, of them being overlooked.  Place a few strategic, quality items that you know will be a hit and they will be used and loved for months and years.

Use this Principle when creating your content.  Keep it simple, clear and use strategic keywords to draw the right kind of audience to your site.

This Christmas, put the cheer into your website, and make it a winner.  Your work will pay off over time, as the 3 magic Principles you use, create a site that is pleasing to look at, easy to use and a pleasure to read.

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