Mini-Byte with Miguel: CEO of Reboot Websites

It’s not often we get to chat to Miguel as he is usually behind a screen, so we jumped at the opportunity to get a little “byte” of an interview with him. Meet the man behind the epic brand that is Reboot Websites!

Q: Favorite piece of tech at the moment?

A: Favorite tech has been and will always be the PC. Nothing as versatile and adaptable exists ..yet.. until that day the PC will remain the best tech for me.. From production environments to watching movies to website development .. It just does anything and everything..

Q: Favorite thing to work on when creating websites?

A: Favourite thing to work on would have to be the finishing touches .. its the, stand back and admire our creation moment ..

Q: Most challenging part of creating websites?

A: Most challenging moments depend on the project. For Business Websites , it’s the initial design concept to embody the company, or the colours used, or the animations utilized and page layouts..
For ecommerce websites, the challenges range from design to functionality of the products being sold because the variety is pretty huge in most cases so the website needs to cater for these.. That is a pretty difficult task to pull off without issues and to maintain a seamless design between products and the website as a whole..

Q: Who are you following on YouTube ? (Tech/IT/web related)

A: I dont follow anyone in development but as for IT, it’s Linus Tech Tips & Jays 2 Cents..

Q: Who is a dream client for you?

A: A dream client.. umm…… I think the ones that know what they want for a website and its functions overall and trust us in the design .. We always over deliver on each project and service but it helps when the client knows what he is looking for !

And there you have it! An inside scoop on the genius behind the scenes!

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