How a Beautiful Web Design Will Subconsciously Influence Your Visitors

Web design is an art form.
The balancing act of absolute beauty, speed, user experience and the user’s psychological impression.

All that tied into the digital age’s instant gratification stance makes for a very challenging project in creating the perfect web design.

Within seconds of a visitor landing on a page of your site, you have to establish that YOU are the business they were looking for.. Seconds! ..

Trends of late have been to simplify web designs into a “black on white” design, minimal pictures for speed, and wording almost as long as the bible for SEO searches.

Wow.. Sure sounds like a site I’d enjoy visiting..

Let’s be honest here, the less said the better, I’m not interested in reading about when a company started , when an employee hit a sales target, that there are 20 locations in the country.

I want to know:

  • Do you have what I’m looking for?
  • Is the price of the product competitive?
  • Are you close to me?
  • Are you open when it’s more convenient for me?

Anything other than that when I’m searching for something adds to the “click the back button, look at someone else” feeling I will get while skimming over the web page.

“Skimming” is the most important word when starting a web design.
No one starts on word one and reads till the end when visiting a business site.
So creating the web design in a way to grab the visitors attention just a second longer is vital!

How is this done?

  • The layout of each page has to keep to the point of that page.
    If it’s a product then just talk about that product.
  • Don’t include other things that would detract from that product.
  • Have great pictures of the product.
  • Don’t put too much text for that product, the text content needs to be clean and very quick to digest.
  • If there is a lot of information about the product then separate each aspect into sections with clear headings.
  • Lastly, make the web design as a whole look as visually stunning as possible, people always stop and look at a page if it grabs their attention so a beautiful and animation rich web design layout is what you need.

Things like “About the company” should have their own pages, if a person is interested, they will look by themselves, so no need to put that anywhere else in your web design.

Elements like “Contact Information” should be on every page though, this is VITAL because if the visitor likes what he sees then contact information should be on hand immediately without the need to click to another page, this adds to the “User Experience” aspect of your web design.

So don’t be shy about adding plenty of pictures and videos to your web design, and remember the less text the better!

Of Course this is just the basics of a beautiful web design and you will need a lot more to perfect each page, but with this foundation and principles you can’t go wrong.

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