Cheap Web Design VS Great Web Design

Everyone wants the best deal when shopping around for something.

For some reason though, they lose focus on a good deal and aim for the absolute cheapest web design possible.

Unfortunately this presents many problems when it comes to web design.
Anyone can make a web design that costs next to nothing to produce, but whats the point of having such a website?
It will never generate traffic for your business, it will look generic and cold with little content.
It will literally be money gone down the drain, which will lead people to believe that websites are a waste of money.

Let’s not forget the “Designers” who agree to do such sites.

  • They only care about the quick pay day.
  • They do not care about how you will rank in Google’s search results.
  • Once the deal is done, they are gone. Good luck trying to get hold of the “Developer” afterwards when things are going wrong..
  • They won’t change sections of the site once their quick slap-together is complete, you have to take it as is.
  • Once these “Developers” take your deposit for the web design, most will take their time in actually doing the “work”
  • Forget about any custom work or something that is not already in their template they use, they will tell you it can’t be done or try charge ridiculous prices for adding that particular content in the web design.

Reboot Websites takes a very different approach to web design.
We are cheap, there’s no two ways about it, but we aim for the lifetime cycle of the customer relationship, we don’t make any quick sales.

Our mission is to provide a helping hand not just a great web design.

It’s why we regard and treat every client like FAMILY.
We don’t care when you need help:
If it’s 1am and for some reason you need help with the website, WE WILL BE THERE.
Struggling to create ideas for articles for your blog on the Weekend? CALL US!
Want the price lists updated 20 times a month on the site? Well then, send that new sucker over 31 times a month, IT WILL GO UP THAT DAY!
Want the pictures on the  home page of the web design changed twice a month, NO WORRIES!

It’s actually not a joke, we really do that for our Reboot Family.
Want proof? Ask us to send client contact details, they can tell you themselves.

At R399 per month and NO DEPOSITS, why would someone want to go for a fly-by-night developer when Reboot Websites is a call, click, whatsapp, email, smoke signal or Morse code beep away!

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