The Business Monthly Package offers great value for money.

Our Skilled Developers Create the most spectacular websites in the country, we pride ourselves on our quality of work and our customer relations.
You and your business are unique, so why must your website design be a cold and ugly generic template.

We specialize in bespoke once off designs unique to each client’s needs.

Our Website Packages include but are not limited to:

Unlimited Pages

Yip, no limit!
No, really..
Need 80 pages ? Not a problem, We'll put 81..

Unlimited Images

Why is this a thing ?!?
Who puts such limits for their clients?

You need to have 400 images of your cats paw on your new website ? Allow us to photo bomb your webpages !!

No Generic Theme

We don't use themes.
Every website is LOVINGLY and PAINFULLY created from SCRATCH.

Sure, it means we have to spend infinitely more time on each project ..
But isn't that what you want?
Someone that's on your side from day 1?

Original Once-off Design
(No templates)

Yes, we have to repeat this..

We really do create every website from scratch !!!

Free Hosting

We provide free Lvl 1 hosting for our websites.
We use a South African Company as the hosting provider.

If the website needs to have more PC power then that extra horepower would be on your account..

If you actually ever need to have that power !

Free UNLIMITED Email Addresses

You get as many personalized email accounts as you would like.

eg. info@DomainName

Google Maps Integration

The Contact Area of your new Website needs a map.

Google maps is great for this and the visual display of your address really does help.

Unless you have a pirate map.. then we are definitely going with that instead!!


Social Media Integration

Now we cant make you trend on the Gram.
We are Web Developers not Fashionistas..

But we do make the integration between social media and your website work flawlessly!

Blogging System

Need to speak about how great you are ... again?


We have just the thing that Google likes and search rankings target ..

Free Small Website Modifications

Need to update something on the website?

Not a problem!
Let's get that done right now for you!!

We don't charge for changes, we know things change so let us know what to do for you!

24/7 Support

We are a call, smoke signal, drunken whatsapp message away.

We will help.. ALWAYS!

All for R549 per Month!

No Deposits, No Contracts, No Catch….

Our Famous
6 Step Process

Call or email us with your website requirements.
You can send us Logos and any content you want for your web design.

We will create a working prototype with a flawless web design for you.
Nothing is better than actually seeing website development take shape.

Once you see your website prototype, you can tell us what you would like changed or added.

Only once the web design is perfect will we even think about payment.
We strongly believe that you only pay for something that exists.
No deposits or strings, only simple and honest business

Now is the time we move your new website onto an existing server or onto our live hosting.
We make final tweaks and check for any bugs that might have tried to sneak through.

This is where our packages shine.
We will never leave you on your own, being part of the Reboot Websites family has a few perks…

The Package Perks!

Free Website Revamp
Every 2 Years

Your business is constantly evolving, so should your website.
That is why we offer a free revamp every 2 years to keep your website relevant and to reflect the current trends of the time.

You can choose to keep your existing design if you want, our creations are quite unique and some people tend to hold onto those for a bit longer than 2 years.

Unlimited Email Addresses

You get as many personalized email accounts as you would like.
eg. info@DomainName / sales@DomainName.
All easily integrated into your PC’c Outlook Program or Mobile Phone.

Free SSL Encryption

We include free SSL encryption with all out websites.
Your website will have the coveted “Https” address.
Increasing Google search rankings and securing your website.

Video Tutorials

We create video tutorials for each aspect and function of your new website.
From how to post new articles or news of your company to more advanced stuff if you want to get hands on in your web pages.
The tutorials are there whenever you might need them.

Free Small Modifications

Things constantly change, whether they are price lists or newer pictures of the company.
That is why Reboot Websites will happily update the website when you need it, INCLUDING adding pages for new product lines or anything else that might come up.

SEO Optimization

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a tricky beast to master.
Reboot Websites lays the perfect SEO foundation in our web designs, as well as show you how to advance your SEO Ranking in our Video Tutorials.

24/7 Support

Sometimes you just need some hands on help.
Reboot Websites is just a call away.
As part of the Reboot Websites Family you can call whenever you need.
If it is in the middle of the night or on weekends, Family looks out for Family!

Mobile Responsive

We test our website designs on every device we can get our hands on.
Rest assured that your beautiful website design will work on every device.

And So Much More!

There is just so much you get from us in our packages that we simply cannot list them all.
“Going the extra mile” simply does not adequately describe how much we are willing to do for our Reboot Websites Family.