AI is coming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming.  

Is this the start of the gloomy future we imagined in movies like Terminator, or could it be the next best thing?  

While many businesses have already been adopting AI in one way or another, the trajectory of implementation was very different pre COVID-19 to what it is now.  As businesses try their hand at using AI within their existing models of practice, there are even companies dedicated to assisting with the optimal use of the technology, as well as the changes necessary to make it a success.  Because each business is unique, each approach needs to be different.  Although the way to start using AI in your business will depend on your particular needs, education is key to implantation, so that your existing human employees will be able to use it optimally and inclusively while not feeling threatened in any way.

Keep in mind that AI simply cannot replace the human touch.  Use it where you can, to reduce risk to your human employees, but always keep that human element at the forefront of the experience you are giving your customers.   In a South African survey conducted in 2017, an overwhelming majority of those who participated said they preferred speaking to a human when dealing with something important, like investments, or something they needed serious help with.  

Now that we are needing to automate and work more remotely, we will need to embrace technology of all sorts going forward.  It’s important to stay on top of current trends and tech, and AI can and does already help improve service for customers and functions within the workplace… But the risks of forfeiting human employees for AI ones could mean that we lose touch with our human customers.  Remember that no matter how much amazing tech you introduce in your business, the people involved always come first.  

Never forget to keep the end-goal, the optimum customer experience, in mind as you navigate new ways to stay afloat in a new world with a #newnormal.  Whatever tech you introduce should always keep the focus of giving your customer the best possible experience, whatever that may be.

What is the role of AI in web development?

In recent years, large companies like Facebook and Google have been using AI more readily as they streamline services and make them seemingly more intuitive.  For web developers, there are now plugins available to insert AI into the websites of even small and medium sized businesses.  This means that developers can simply use the language and tools they are familiar with to insert AI for their clients.

AI does offer benefits like increased security and integration testing.  Searches are faster, user experiences are adapted to suit their needs, digital marketing is more focussed and online stores offer more ‘personalised’ experiences to their customers.

Some website building companies are using AI algorithms to construct websites.  The AI assists with design, layout, content, coding and the inclusion of a chat-bot for the user.  

This all sounds bitter-sweet to us here at Reboot.  We love tech and all it can offer.  But we also love people and engaging with them in a genuine way.  As the use of AI increases, you can bet we will be testing it out and trying our hand at some ways use it to offer a better and more streamlined service to our customers.  But you can also bet that we will be staying on top of things ourselves, and loving every minute of working for and with you, our clients who we value.

As you conceptualise your new way of doing business, take into account how elements of AI can benefit you and your clients and employees.  We are in this together and we are excited for what the future holds.

Step aside, Terminator, the future is ours!

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